TS Mabhoomi , Telangana ROR, Pahani, 1B Change Online

Telangana Ma Bhoomi apply change pahani details in web land apply now at www.mabhoomi.telangana.gov.in.... तेलंगाना मा भूमि लागू वेब भूमि में परिवर्तन की जानकारी अब लागू हो सकती है पर www.mabhoomi.telangana.gov.in ....
Website of mabhoomi telangana provides you with the service of Ma Bhoomi mana Pahani web land records editing. It also has real time satellite pictures of the properties. Citizens can visit the website or downloading the application, there is mobile version too.
Telangana ROR, Pahani, 1B Change Online
Overview of the services of Telangana Maa Bhoomi
In the website, you can view or know about the following details
  • Ma-pahani or Grama-pahani
  • Ma-pahani shows the data
  • complete data of survery numbers
  • Aadhar linking to land records
  • ROR 1B as Ma ROR 1B (Our-RoR 1B)
  • Grama ROR 1B (Village-RoR 1B)
  • satellite imagery and boundary
  • Grama Patam or Village map

The way of apply for correction of pahani detials in Telangana ma bhoomi webland records
Visit the website and click on PHIRYADULU link. Then select the option Phiryadula Namodu. Then you can select the options to apply for the correction of land pahani and adangals. The form will appear and you have to fill with the correct details.
Here are some of the details that you need to provide
  • Enter name of Mandalam, District, or Village type of complaint.
  • Provide Applicant name, mobile number of application registration, father’s name, and address
  • Provide aadhar number and email ID
  • Enter the details of changes from the menu
  • Then enter the survey number
  • Then you have to enter the details of the land right
  • The next details includes survey number and village number
  • Then enter the changes
  • Select the type of the land, agriculture or commercial
  • Upload the copies of pahani, registered title deed, PPB, and ROR1B
After filing and editing all the information click submit button. Then, you will be able to get an application register number or transaction number. Keep the number to check the status in future.

Adding the survey number of property or land to the ma-bhoomi telangana website
The procedure of application for changes for new survey number in the website database is same. Only you have to select the Add new survey option.

Checking pahani correction application status
Here is the easy guide for checking the correction
  • Select the option of Phiryadu sthiti
  • Enter the application number and you will get the present status of the application
  • Keep rechecking regularly for updates