Chandigarh Land Records Search for Plot Details, Certified Copies

Chandigarh Bhumi khatiyan Land Records Search Plot Details, Certified Copies, Zoning plans, Statutes and etc Apply Online Now at चंडीगढ़ भूमि खातियन भूमि अभिलेख खोज प्लॉट विवरण, प्रमाणित प्रतियां, ज़ोनिंग योजनाएं, विधियों और आदि ऑनलाइन आवेदन करें
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At you can get the details about Chandigarh land records registration certified copies, Statutes, and Zoning plans. Plots Property registration online search along with Land records is accessible to the citizens through this platform. The other free services offered in the site include reference of Bhumi Jankari, Services of Land records, and Registration details. The certified copy of the same can be collected from tahsildar of concerned SRO after submitting an application.
 Chandigarh Land Records Search

Online detailed search for Land Records Bhumi khatiyan ROR
Look for citizen services in Select the option named link of property details. Then you need to enter the property and or plot details. Then enter the file number. The document registration serial number is the file number. Then enter category of application and sector number. Clicking the search button will help you in viewing the land records.

You can also search Category wise, Combination of sector and category wise, and Sector wise.

The way to apply for Chandigarh Certified land records copies
One can apply for the certified copies in any of the sub-registrar offices in the 40 sectors. There is option of searching or inspecting of certain books, registration records, and indexes by just filling a simple form.

After filling the details, one can also download the application. It contains information on Registration number, Stamp duty, Document number, Book Number, Date and registration fees acknowledgement slip, and ledger or volume number.

Before submitting the application, you need to affix Rs. 2 stamp and Rs. 3 blank stamp and get more details from the Chandigarh land Administration official website of