TS GPA Search Title Deeds Document Registration Status at registration.telangana.gov.in

Telangana GPA Search Title Deeds Document Registration Status for GPA Registration, Property Registration Title Deeds, and Document status through online platform at registration.telangana.gov.in...
There is a new web land record search by the Telangana Registration and Stamps Department opened for citizens. It will help in increasing the aspect of transparency of the records that are maintained by the Revenue department of government. There are also other online services available including Registration Deeds search, Preparation a Deed, Market Value, Calculation of Registration fees and Stamp Duty, Deeds model, and Stamp Stock Register.

Telangana GPA Search
Process of Telangana Land Record searching in registration.telangana.gov.in
The GPA registration actually stands for General Power of Attorney. It defines the process in which the proposer gives the registration of power Attorney to an individual. Under this process, the sales right are transferred to the GPA assessed person. One can easily find the details about GPA within one week of registration.

To search you have to visit the Telangana website and select the link names GPA search. While searching it is essential to keep the following papers handy.
  • Surname or First name
  • Location of SRO office where DEED is registered
  • District name
  • Applicant name
  • Name of proposer
After filling the details, you can enter the Captcha verification and submit the details. The GPA deed details will be provided upon entering the correct information.

Searching of Telangana Stamps Stock Register with district
It is a common fact that purchase of Revenue stamps and Stamp papers have became extremely hard. The problem is not having proper information about the Sub-registrar offices stamps stock and Stamp vendors. If you are willing to propose a name for registration then the first step is enquiring about the availability of the stamps in the stock.

To search you need to visit the Stamps Stock Register link which can be found in home page. Then, you have to select the Category, Denomination of stamps, and District. The present stock is displayed and updated.

Searching the status of Property Registration of Title Deeds
The process of searching is easier and is completed in few easy steps.
  1. There is the DEED DETAILS option in the home page of the website that you have to select. It will help you in knowing about the Document Registry entry status and Title deeds.
  2. The details of the registration can be searched on basis of Apartment Name, Document number, and Plot Numbers in Layouts.
  3. From the list you can select the Sub-Registrar Office and District Name. Also, you have to enter year of Registration and Document Number. Then select the submit button to see the status of the current deed.

Search Telangana Government Land Value Title Deeds Document Registration Status at http://registration.telangana.gov.in