TS EC Search for Registration document nakals at telangana.gov.in

Telangana IGRS EC Encumbrance Certificate Search Registration document nakals at www.telangana.gov.in.... तेलंगाना आईजीआरएस ई.सी. अभिकर्ता प्रमाणपत्र खोज पंजीकरण दस्तावेज संख्याएं पर www.telangana.gov.in....
Search Telangana IGRS EC Encumbrance certificate, download Telangana Lands Registration Document copies with the help of the website. Now, you can access the Telangana TS EC Encumbrance Certificate through the online platform. The information on the website is provided by Registration & Stamps department of Telangana. The site for searching EC registration is telangana.gov.in.
Telangana IGRS EC Encumbrance Certificate Search

This new initiative made the search for Encumbrance Certificates of lands & property easier. Anyone who have the Property or land Survey numbers or Passbook Numbers can easily look for the records of the Encumbrance certificate. One can search village, Mandal, and District wise. Each new registration is updated in the site within 4 days. To search for your document check regularly. Along with that, the Mee-seva provides application for Encumbrance certificate.

EC statement in IGRS TELANGANA and EC Encumbrance Certificate
The details provided in the website are recorded statement according to Revenue department. With Encumbrance statement you can also see the Property transactions. The data is updated till the date when the application is processed. Citizens generally collect the EC from mee-seva center. Along with that the Pihani Adangals ROR1B documents can also be used as proof for existence of property.

Searching the Telangana TS EC Encumbrance certificates
Follow the step-by-step process to view your Telangana TS EC Encumbrance certificates.
  • Select the EC search link located in side bar of http://telangana.gov.in
  • Accept the terms and conditions, then proceed to click the submit button
  • The page of Search For Encumbrance appears where you have to select the document number
  • Enter the year of deed or registration
  • Upon completing the steps you will be able to view the Document number and the Memo
Telangana TS EC Encumbrance Certificates search with help of property details
Here are the steps for easy search
  • Select the Form entry option
  • Enter the details of property, building, door no, or ward number
  • Also provide information on Boundaries of your land or Building
  • Then select the SRO in which the last transaction was performed
  • The last step is entering the Encumbrance Statement period
Downloading the Signed Registration Documents
It is very important that you keep proper land records & documents. Moreover, when you lose the document, getting a new one involves lengthy and tough process. To deal with this issue the state of Telangana offers Digital signed copies to the citizens. Before visiting the registration website you have to apply for Document nakals in mee-seva centers. Then the following step will help you in accessing the document.
  • Entering the mobile number that is associated with the application documents
  • Getting the One Time Password or OTP for the security purpose
  • Then you can download the copies of the documents in PDF format