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Maharashtra PDEIGR Property Registration Data Entry Edit Online Apply Now at www.pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in.... महाराष्ट्र पीडीआईआयजीआर दस्तावेज नोंदणीसाठी अर्ज. महाराष्ट्र पीडीआईआयजीआर प्रॉपर्टी नोंदणी डेटा प्रवेश संपादित करा ऑनलाईन अर्ज करा आताच अर्ज करा येथे www.pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in ...
There is option of E-registration for the purpose of Maharashtra PDEIGR Registration Public Data Entry. You can calculate Registration fees and Market value of Property Stamp Duty through online platform. The IGR portal by Maharashtra is open at pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in. This is a public data entry IGR website and it allows the citizens to access the Property registration details for the purpose of verification. There is also the option for E-Registration application.
Maharashtra PDEIGR Property Registration
Application for Maharashtra PDEIGR Document Registration
To prepare the Document Registration at SRO you can also take the help of the online platform. The Public Data Entry is made in two ways, Direct Entry without login or Registered in website. In order to proceed with the Registration it is necessary that the user opts for the registered account option. Here is a step-by-step look at the ways for application.
  1. The first step includes entering the Type of Registration selected for registration. Then you have to select Execution date i.e. the date of SEO application and Article type i.e the Transaction type of Registration
  2. Then you have to enter the market value of the scheduled property. Select the option Consideration Amount which signifies the Registration amount
  3. When you enter the Consideration amount and Market value data then the Stamp Duty is calculated
  4. The next step is entering the Number of Stamp Pages that is required to continue the transaction
  5. The final step is clicking on the button but do that after submitting the Stamp Duty Pay details. Then quote the difference of the Stamp Duty
  6. Then you come to step 2 where you have to enter the buyer and the proposer details. The last step in finalizing the slot, this will help in confirming your registration
  7. Make sure that you take the printout of the application and also note the Data Entry Number. This is an application for Registration at SRO. The SRO officers can reject or accept the transaction depending on your application.
The way of editing the Public Data Entry Application in pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in
There is an option for modifying the data entered Public for SRO registration. However, this can only be done prior to the selection date. To enter your account, you have to enter the application number and password. Through this you can edit the data for Document Type, Number of Stamp Papers required, and Date of Registration.

Edit Maharashtra PDEIGR Property Registration at http://pdeigr.maharashtra.gov.in