AP Mee Bhoomi Land Records ROR 1B pahani Online adangals

Download AP Webland Records for ROR 1B pahani Online adangals and all at AP Mee Bhoomi Webland Record website of
You can search Mee bhoomi AP land records Adangal, Pahani, ROR 1B Village maps through online platform. AP Registration web land records bhoomi details is also available. This portal of is launched by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

List of services from AP Meebhoomi Webland Website

The Land owners everyone can get following services from AP Webland Service's website of Mee Bhoomi
  • Land ROR 1B search
  • Aadhar linking status to Land or Property,
  • Village Maps
  • AP bhoomi adangals
  • FMB patta
  • Village Adangals

How to get Adangals in AP mee-bhoomi portal search

Searching for the Mee bhoomi land records in an offline platform can take up lot of your time and that is made easier with the launch of website. Here is a step-by-step process of searching with ease.
  • To start the search visit the website
  • Select Adangal menu and fill any of the details that includes Pass book A/C no, Aadhar Number, Name of Proposer, or Survey number
  • Then select the Village name, District Name, and Mandal Name
  • The next step involves entering the survey number along with aadhar No, name, or Pass book Number.
  • Then enterthe verification code
  • The details will appear and you can also take a print out for future reference
How to get Village wise Adangal from AP Meebhoomi website
You can also select village Adangal in the first step to know the adangals village wise record of AP mee bhoomi land ROR 1B. It is important for you to know the steps involving search of the record.
AP Mee Bhoomi Land Records

Select the ROR 1B from menu and if you want to select village wise then select Village in ROR 1B menu. It offers you with the same searching options like Adangals . The linking status of Ap mee Bhoomi land records and Aadhar in accordance with the new rule by the government, it is necessary to link the aadhar number of a citizen with the data. The land or property in Andhra Pradesh has also started following this rule. Here are the steps that will help you in knowing if your aadhar is synced with you data or not.
  • Select the option of Aadhar linking
  • Search the status of Aadhar linking by using District, Mandal, Village, or passbook A/C no. You can also enter aadhar number to make the search easier

How to get Village wise map search from AP Mee bhoomi
There is the option for checking your Village map if you want to get the clear DTCP plan of village to town. On clicking the Grama Patam button you can search and download the map of the village. You can search using Mandal, Village, or District name. You can always collect the certified stamped copy from the local SRO. It is advisable to collect the same.