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Uttar Pradesh IGRS Property Registration Assessment Online Search Now at www.igrsup.gov.in.... यूपी आईजीआरएस संपत्ति पंजीकरण आकलन ऑनलाइन खोज. उत्तर प्रदेश आईजीआरएस संपत्ति पंजीकरण आकलन ऑनलाइन अब खोजें पर www.igrsup.gov.in....
Uttar Pradesh UPIGRS State Property Registration Assessment Online Assessment Application. You can apply for online stamp fees, registration, property sales and transferring, registration fees payment, book registration slot, registering title deeds. For this a government organization IGRS is placed and they have the power to function independently in each state in matters of Properties registration and sales. They work on behalf of Revenue & Stamps department. You can visit IGRS UP website at igrsup.gov.in.
 UP IGRS Property Registration

The procedure of Uttar Predesh IGRS Online Search
The UP IGRS procedure for payment of Registration and Stamp fees is easy. The first step of the application process is keeping all your documents together. You will need the following documents.
  • Name & details of proposer
  • Residential address
  • Mobile number
  • Identity certificates
  • E-mail address
Also, you need to keep stamp duty and registration fees that you will pay.
Applying for online property land plot assessment and registration in the IGRS UP website
Here is a step-by-step method of applying in the website.
  • The first step is visiting http://igrsup.gov.in website and selecting the Online Assessment & Registration
  • Then enter the name of proposer or buyer but in Hindi. There is Hindi keyboard for use
  • Enter the Email address and Mobile number
  • Then you have to select your Identity certificate and enter Id number
  • Select the district list and permanent personal residential address
  • Enter calculated Registration Fee for type of registration and Stamp Duty
  • For first time registration opt for Official Scribe, it is available at local SRO. From the website you can find the percentage of Registration or Assessment fees
  • The website provides Model title deeds documents that you can download
  • The Scribe service is mandatory. The document seller or stamp vendor is considered as an witness for the purpose of every transaction in property registrations
  • Then you enter Registration fees and Stamp Duty
  • You have to pass the verification code and then select the secure button to continue
  • Search for property registration status, Nakal copies and download
  • The records for the registration status is made extremely easy for searching
  • There are many who have very less details about the land, plots, instruments or property. They can also search by entering small details
  • There are two options by which you can search the title deeds and district wise Registration. The ways are by using property address or year of registration number.
  • You can enter property location address and property address to search with property address. Then, you can opt the SEE DETAILS button
  • If you want to try with registration number and the year of document you can select the SRO office name
  • Enter the year of Title deed registered and the property land registration serial number
  • The last step is selecting see details BHULEKH option to see the details of the search Land records