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Rajasthan State District and Zone wise property DLC Rates search with Rajasthan E-PanJiyan website - Rajasthan Webland Portal of www.epanjiyan.nic.in... राजस्थान राज्य जिला और क्षेत्रीय संपत्ति डीएलसी दरें राजस्थान ई-पान जियान वेबसाइट के साथ खोज - राजस्थान वेबलैंड का पोर्टल पर

Now you can search the DLC rates for property stamp duty and charges online with the help of Rajasthan E-Panjiyan. There is a fully functional E-Panjiyan portal developed to provide you with the necessary information of the Stamp duty charges and DLC market value rate of the properties.
Before jumping in for registration, it is a necessity for every citizen to get proper information about the DLC rates of their properties. This will help them in making a proper deed. The proper DLC rate can be found by visiting E-PanJiyan portal.

Why is DLC important?
DLC Rates search The DLC rates signify the final market value of the property. It also determines the documentation value. The first step is applying for the Rajasthan Property Registration Value. The next step is selecting the locality or the type of property you want to assess. There are different options that include Urban, Rural, and Complex.

Now, we reach to the final step where you have to select the location of the Sub-Registrar Office or the SRO. Then select the Zone name option. It will help in narrowing down the search and help you in getting proper DLC property rates. The district wise rates are also available but for that you have to find the proper location of the property.

Document-wise fees for registration and stamps in E-Panjiyan
The steps for finding the fees for stamps and the registration in a document wise manner are as follows..
  1. In the home page, you can find the option ‘Document Wise Fees & Rebate.’ Select that option and you will be redirected to the page that contains information on the document wise fees.
  2. Then you have to select the ‘Rebate and Stamp Duty.’ Then you will come across the registration charges for different types of deeds.
  3. Upon selecting the option ‘ALL,’ you will be able to see the entire list. The list can be downloaded for offline use. You have to select the ‘Convert To PDF’ button.

How to Apply for E-inspection to check Rajasthan Land Market Value

In the modern times, E-inspection is the way that helps you in getting a quick inspection for property registration. You can search for the deeds or property registration at the real time. The SRO registrations take place every day and are updated into the server. You can find the online E-inspect documents after 3 working days.

The searching process is easy and you only need Registration number and SRO address. The E-inspection option can be selected from the home page. After that, you have to provide the registration number and SRO location to get the documents. If you find any fault, you can get in touch with SRO for clarification.