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Rajasthan E-Panjiyan IGRS Property Fresh Or Modify Valuation Apply at www.igrs.rajasthan.gov.in.... राजस्थान ई-पानजीयन आईजीआरएस प्रॉपर्टी फ्रेश या संशोधित मूल्यांकन लागू करें पर www.igrs.rajasthan.gov.in....
Rajasthan Property Valuation Fresh application, Calculate Market value for Registration, and Modify in Current valuation in E-Panijiyan.nic.in
The E-Panijyan website is started by Rajasthan State department for Registration & Stamps for the citizen service. The website used is epanjiyan.nic.in. The citizens have access to different services of Registration & Stamps department of state.
List of services.
Rajasthan E-Panjiyan
There are different services that are available in the website of Rajasthan E-Panjiyan.
  • Online application of Property Valuation
  • Modification in the Property Value application
  • Property or Deeds Registered Documents search
  • Verification of-document
  • Information on DLC rates for Property Sale or Purchase
  • Drafting guide of deed for different registration
  • Property document stamp papers E-Stamping system
  • Information on fees and rebate for each document
Details of fresh application for Property Valuation for urban or Rural
There are about 80 types of deed registration documents that you can find in the Sub-Registrar offices in the state of Rajasthan. There are different values for every transaction in terms of fees. Thus, it is compulsory to get a property value or deed. This is where the E-Panjiyan website comes in the picture. It helps you in knowing about the market values of Financial Deeds, Commercial Agreements, Lands, Buildings and Property.

Here is the way by which you can apply for finding the proper valuation
  • Visit the website of Rajasthan Registration & Stamps - E-Panijyan
  • Find the Property Valuation for Citizen link from the bar in left
  • Enter the mobile number of applicant and then cleat a captcha verification
  • Enter the details of the registration deed that you want to make.
In this you can select Urban or Rural location. You also have to select Document type, District, SRO, Sub-Document type, tehsil, and the place of transaction. For location details you can choose colony address. Then you have to enter Zone address, Area name, and category Type. It will help you in seeing the DLC rate of your locality.
  • The next step is selecting the Exterior or the Interior location type
  • Then you have to enter Plot or Khasra Number, Corner plot or not, Address, and Road width in full details
A look at the additional values concerning a building or property
Here are the details you need to provide to get information on additional values
Floor type or laid in construction, Type and year of Construction, Constructed Area, Boundary wall is present or not, Tin shade or not, and also parking tube is present or not
  1. Information on any commission including Sr. Citizen or Jail
  2. After providing the information, you have to click Save Property button
  3. Then select the next button and the Stamp Duty of the amount payable will be calculated
  4. To generate Property Valuation Report click the Save button
  5. The report is the final Registration stamp duty payment for the property
  6. There is option for paying Registration charges in online platform
Check Rajasthan IGRS Property Details at E-Panjiyan official websites of http://igrs.rajasthan.gov.in and http://epanjiyan.nic.in