Bhuabhilekh Check - Search MP Land Records

How to check MP State Land Records and Madhya Pradesh Bhuabhilekh Records Check – MP Land Records at एमपी स्टेट लैंड रिकॉर्ड्स और मध्य प्रदेश भु-अबिख्ख रिकॉर्ड्स चेक - एमपी लैंड रिकॉर्ड्स की जांच कैसे करें पर
Government of Madhya Pradesh is given the opportunity to check Land Records of the state government and private land records to the state citizens. Bhu Abhilekh the word itself means the land record. Its shows the complete record of land in MP.

This Bhuabhilekh is as old as Indian civilization in our country India. This system of keeping land record was started in Mughal era and as the years passed on and on it started changing. It was changed first in British rule and slowly it got advanced and linked up completely in technical hands. After independence in India, it’s in hands, of state government.

The government further planned and sponsored scheme known as computerization land record to update simultaneously about the land records. Later on, it was also updated in BHU NAKSHA. Bhu naksha shows the map of the land recorded in MP.

As now we are in the digital world. The bhuabhilekh website is been designed by NIC. This website shows all land record of MP and it is frequently updated. We can see land records on this website which includes 4 crores Khasra and Khatauni in which 50 districts with 360 tehsils are shown to us which has 55000 villages.

To be more updated with these records, you can use android app also which is design for android mobile using people. And can also link with this website website.

How to check MP Land Records in District wise

Everyone who has interested to check their their land record through official website of Madhya Pradesh they can follow the information about MP State District wise Land Records Check.
  • Open the official website on your web browser
  • Select the District Name witch is you have need to check like the bellow image (Morena District) and Select it.

  • Select the village with clicking choose Option Ex: Ambah

  • Now Select the Raknikmk, Dull, Gram and year of the land record.
  • Now choose Measles / Map, Posted , Measles (by Name), Sector Report, Type of Land, Official Numbers of Measles, Details of Land, Details of the Crop, The list of Account Holders,

  • Now Click on Select option you can see the land details with complete details of the record with is available of the government of Madhya Pradesh as per the bellow image.

  • Now you can take a copy of printout and use the record copy for information only Prathy and Use it as evidence in any court can not, Prvshtion amend / certified copy to the respective district / tehsil office contact.
That's it everyone can follow above produce to check MP Land Records in district wise from the state official website easily..