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Search UP State Bhulekh Land Records Search online for Bhu-Abhilekh, Map, Khata-Khatauni with Land Owner's Name Details at यूपी राज्य भूलेख भूमि रिकॉर्ड्स की खोज भू-अभिलेख, मानचित्र, खाता-खतौनी के लिए जमीन के स्वामी के नाम पर खोजें नाम का विवरण पर ....
The Indian government had launched many websites in many state and cities to check the land records for Agricalcher, government, private , industrial and all type of land records in all states in the country. Like the only in Uttar Pradesh, we have a website of land records known as BHULEKH.

When we divide the word BHU – LEKH the word itself shows land records. Well, bhulekh is one of the online land record portals started in UP for the help of people to search place around there district, tehsil, city, village and all.

The Indian government has named this outgoing source as National Land Record Modernization Program, in short termed as NLRMP. The reason why this website, is made is that it’s not easy for people to get all information related to land record like Fard, bhu naksh and so on. So this online site which is provided to us by National Information Centre of Lucknow in UP helps us to get all the information of land.

How to check UP Land Records online from Bhulekh Land Record Search

All the citizend of Uttar Pradesh and anyone who need to check their land record from the state of Uttar Pradesh they can check through online from the Bhulekh website with following simple details to search their land details on UP government records. Here is the link where we can get all the information related to UP land records and below is the procedure how to get info

How to Search UP land Records - Bhulekh Produce

  • Everyone can open the UP Land Records official website of - Bhulekh portal on their web browser.

Bhulekh UP Land Records

  • After opening the official site you have to enter the district name given on left-hand side(as shown in the image). for example i have selected Amethi District.
  • After selecting the district from the list , you will see tehsil name display on the screen, forEx we are selected Amethi tehsil
  • After looking at the tehsil , you can search and write the village name. the village which you are looking up for. Then click on "Search".
  • Then you need to choose this three option like –
  1. khasra number
  2. khata number
  3. by name


  • Enter the details for the land record information witch is you have to need then you will get all the land records details which complete details as per UP government records.
  • Click on the link then it will open with details of the record and click on printout to get a copy of printout. The steps are so easy to try and get all the details in couple of time. So just click on the link and get the work done.